Reports of Adverse Reactions after the Ingestion of Desiccated Liver Pills (Amazon Reviews)

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Desiccated liver pills

Below is a compilation of one- and two-star reviews of desiccated liver or organ pills posted on Amazon. All desiccated liver pills contain liver from grass-fed, non-GMO, pesticide, antibiotics, and hormone-free cows. None of the pills contain any fillers. Some reviews are from a product that contains other organs in addition to liver.

This is only a partial list. I decided to omit some testimonials due to their brevity, lack of clarity, or some other perceived flaw.

Many of the reports have been paraphrased by me if the original text was too long. To read the whole testimonial, click on the link underneath each review. Direct quotations are set in quotation marks. I have added some comments of mine, put them in square brackets [ ], and marked them with my name.

This list has been originally posted in the Muscle Meat Carnivore Facebook Group:

Reports of adverse reaction after the ingestion of desiccated liver pills, taken from


1. B. Murphy

Worked up to 5 pills (recommended dosage are 6 per day). The morning after, experienced a sour stomach, headaches, threw up twice. “This stuff messed me up good and kept me in bed that whole day – if I got up, I became nauseous.”

2. Kerri Patton

Bought the liver pills to treat fatigue. Took half a dose in the a.m., half in the p.m. Result: “A terrible headache, nausea, dizziness, terrible joint pain (much more than the usual), and unbelievable fatigue came seemingly out of nowhere. Cognitively, I felt exceedingly slow – as if my brain was shutting down. It was borderline surreal.” Not being convinced that it was really the pills that caused the reaction, she gave them another try by ingesting 3 more the morning after the bad reaction. Result: “Not long after I swallowed, however, the same awful symptoms I had experienced the day prior reared their ugly heads. The headache I thought had been waning waxed, I felt fatigued, my brain felt foggy, and oddly enough, I had trouble stringing together sentences and remembering certain words (super weird).”

3. Bianca

Bought the liver pills to treat Hashimoto’s. After taking just 2 pills (recommended dosage are 6 per day), she felt miserable: “I felt so dizzy it gave me anxiety”. She brushed it off though and took another pill on day 3. 10 minutes later she had her first panic attack ever. “I felt this awful rush in my body and my heart rate went up to 120bpm while I was sitting. I felt so terrified and had no idea what to do. I tried to eat something and go for a walk but it took me about 12 hours for my heart rate to go back to normal and about 2 days to finally stop feeling insane.”

4. yasmin

“After 15 days of taking this I ended up in the emergency room and was admitted in intensive care unit for another 3 days.” Immediate reactions after the first time she ingested the pills she had stomach pain for an hour, then lowered the number of pills down to 2 pills, but stomach ache continued. She nevertheless continued with the pills. On day 15 in the morning she had dark water stools every 10 minutes. By noon she started throwing up black blood. She says she nearly bled to death from an ulcer. “I passed out from the loss of blood and was taken to the ER by ambulance.” She was diagnosed with an ulcer, inflamed stomach lining and she tested positive for h. pylori with gastritis.

5. Amazon user

After taking just one capsule per day, on the first night she got a really bad rash on her belly that spread to the rest of her body, “followed by feeling fatigued all day and insomnia.”

6. Noelle

After taking less than the recommended dosage, he first felt great, but then he felt inflammation in his body and he felt uncomfortable and he experienced nausea. ”Like a big flush that is my indication of inflammation and I also had a headache. Then it interfered with my sleep and mood A LOT.”

7. MKW

“In may case, only 3 capsules caused Vitamin A toxicity after around 2 weeks. For me this meant my oily skin was suddenly extremely dry and leathery, and I had severe (and frightening) mood changes, profound drowsiness, irritability and confusion – all of which is very unlike me.” This was going on for over a week, until he figured out what was going on. Once he did, he didn’t completely stop them, and still takes one pill per day, because it helps him with sleep.

8. T

“I only took one pill, thank GOD!!!!!! There was dizziness, a sinking feeling when I laid down to try to sleep. I was up shivering, and shuddering on and off for 6 hours. I thought I was low on electrolytes so I ate a banana, drank some coconut water, smooth move tea, then took some vitamin D3K2 after I searched some youtube videos on Vitamin A toxicity. I ate some food that has vit E, like salmon and sunflower seeds. I was trying anything to rid this pill from my body. I kept drinking water throughout. FINALLY, I drank some water with fresh squeezed lime juice and that started to calm my body from the shivers. I kept sipping the water and urinating throughout the night to clear my body. God answered my prayers. I am safe! Seriously, I DO NOT recommend these pills!!!!!!”

9. Tracy Wagner

“I took 3 capsules in the morning, instead of the recommended 6, just as a trial, and I had vomiting and diarrhea all night long that night. It was awful.”

10. Cindi

“I got up to 6 pills a day. In the first episode of this, I had no idea there was any connection to these supplements. But this is what happened. I woke up one day with horrible fatigue, combined with a burning time of sensation in my eyes. Blood pressure was way high, headache and abdominal pain. I went to the ER three times and my primary care doctor twice, and urgent care once, all in one week. Nothing could be found wrong with me.” After she stopped eating (and so stopped also the pills), she improved. She then restarted her smoothies (where she used to add the liver pills), and “One again I started feeling weird, same type symptoms. This time I thought back to the time I got so sick and realized I was using these supplements then also. I stopped immediately. Within a few days I was feeling like my old self.”

11. Jessica

“After taking two of these, one a day for two days, I experienced what I can only describe as the Eye of Mordor in my stomach. Literal evil attempting to exit my body! Stomach cramps, bloating, gas and the hershey squirts. Initially I thought maybe it was the pancakes I ate for breakfast (said no one ever). I’ve written an apology letter to my yoga instructor, “I’m sorry I unleashed hell whilst everyone was deep breathing in downward dog, multiple times, I blame the beef liver”. I’ve taken crop dusting to a whole new level.”

12. All Day Mom

After taking only 3 pills every day for 1 week, she experienced 7 lb weight gain and constipation, sleep problems.


Purchased the product after reading rave reviews. Took three caps in the am, three in the pm (equals one dose). Result: “About 5 hours after the PM caps – everything started – nausea, pain, bloating, upset stomach, and gas – gas that is trapped. This was experienced all night – I thought I was gonna die.” He forced himself to work regardless, but felt like he was hit by a truck: “No real pain now – just exhausted feeling – brain fog. Stay away from this stuff!!”

14. Adrienne

After taking just one capsule a day, he started having major stomach cramps. Was able to reproduce this two more times with same effect.

15. Annie

Experienced stomach pain after 3 days, then area near appendix, appetite increased to the point of being insatiable.

16. LM

“I feel like doom as I type this. Anxiety, heart racing, heartburn/sour stomach, stomach pain, digestive discomfort, dizzy, irritable, lack of energy, brain fog, just feel all around sick and weird. I felt off yesterday too, didn’t realize it was from the pill or I would not have taken another today.”


Took just one in the morning, and after 10 hours, still feels sick. Immediately after taking it, had stomach upset, palpitations, felt like was going to pass out. Couldn’t take a nap because of how sick he was, can’t think clearly.

18. Jaymie

Started with the lower dose, “but over the next couple of weeks my skin went from mildly irritated and dry (which I first assumed was just seasonal winter dry skin) to a full blown ITCHY rash as I increased the number of pills each day. Started with a mild itch on legs/calves and slowly traveled to portions of my trunk and the backs of my arms. Am currently one big ITCH.” After discontinuing it, he is still dealing with the “uncomfortable aftermath”.

19. R. Nickell

First trie beef liver 3 years ago and felt “off”. But now wanted to try it again. Took ONE pill in the afternoon. Result: “I started having slight veritigo symptoms and a tad bit of anxiety at dinner. I normally get anxiety when my ferritin is low, so I just pressed through. About an hour after dinner, I felt so sick. Severe dizziness, low blood sugar, and major anxiety. The dizziness was making it worse. I laid down in bed and ended up with insomnia. Every time I got up, I felt like I could fall over from the vertigo.”

20. Megan Blackwelder

“This product make me horribly sick. On day 7 (my first day taking 3 capsules) I developed moderate/severe upper abdominal pain that radiated to my back, constant nausea, which then turned to profuse vomiting and severe muscle and joint pain. Tested for covid, pregnancy, both negative. Was not a stomach bug because no one else was sick in my house hold. I literally felt like I was on my way out of this world.”

21. Carolyn S.

“This stuff made me so sick!!! I was in bed for three days. And I only took it for three days. Before I realized what it was. I had no energy and very sleepy, I quit taking it and i immediately felt better. I thought it was supposed to give you energy? Not wipe you out.”

22. Alex

“I took 1 pill the first day and 2 on the second and I had the worst 3 days of gastrointestinal issues of my life. I had constant urges to go to the bathroom to poop and nothing would come out. Then came the blood. I had to see a doctor and got a x-ray because they had to make sure I didn’t have a blockage. That happened with minimal use of the product. If I had taken the full serving, I would have ended up in the hospital.”

23. Jeffrey Munrayos

Took the recommended 6 pills the first time and after the first day of taking the product, had blood in his stool. Discontinued for a month, tried again with and there was still blood in his stool.

24. GDI

“Started taking one pill in the morning and within a short number of days I had headaches, insomnia and general malaise.”

25. Paigee

“I had to come back and re-do my review. When first taking these, I felt great and was loving the effects! I thought I had found the best thing ever but unfortunately after taking them for a few weeks, I had an adverse reaction and had to go to the doctor to treat a huge rash on the whole right side of my body. I had changed nothing before or after beginning to take them so I knew it wasn’t something I was doing. The only difference was these pills (also, I was only taking 4 a day not the 6 a day recommended) As soon as I stopped taking them, the rash cleared up within a week. Wish they didn’t give me these results because I did feel really great on them.”

26. Irina

Got the worst allergic reaction from this product. “I started the 1st day with 3 capsules, even though on the bottle it says 6. Next day walk up with a rash. Didn’t really link it to this supplement and took 3 more. Next day walk up with my face swollen and realized that it must be these pills. Today is my 5th day and my face looks worse than before, barely can open my eyes and on top of that last night when I got up to go to the bathroom I almost passed out. I have never experienced anything like this!”

27. Chloe

“I am not allergic to anything. I’ve never responded badly to any supplement or food in my life. I took 2 of these and shortly thereafter got terrible diarrhea and a very scary rash on my stomach.” “i have never had anything like this happen to me. ”

28. Kim Koons

“they made me so sick yo my stomach gave me very bad stomach cramps and explosive diarrhea! i felt horrible when i took them ”

29. Jasmine

“This product ruined my health! Shooting pain in body, numbness, constant trips to bathroom, nausea, heart burn, brain fog, throbing pain in left arm. Long list of adverse reactions, somthing real shady going on.”

30. Sue

“Just like the last brand I used, now this one has changed as well & no longer works!! This recent bottle I got in June is completely different snell, color & texture. “Conicidentally” with in a few weeks of starting this new bottle, my hair is falling out rapidly, I’m extremely depressed & I’m extremely fatigued. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I will need to find a new brand now!!!”

31. Tir51

Horrible stomach pain, like a burning sensation and lost the appetite. “These problems appeared after taking the very first capsule. A day later I took another capsule and realized that the problems were from Grass Fed Beef Liver.”

32. Amazon Customer

Experienced swelling around eyes within 2 days. “Swelling worsened over the week, followed by cracked lips. Finally awoke with eyes very swollen and lips swollen. Immediately stopped taking the product and began high doses of antihistamines. Some improvement noted but swelling is beginning to worsen again. On my way to an emergency clinic for treatment.”

33. Mandy

“I took 2 pills. Only 2. And it caused severe Hashimotos auto immune flare up. I also have MTHFR. I had severe tinnitus,irritability,crying,heart palpitations, vertigo,eye lid drooping ,neuropathy numbness got worse,constipation and the list goes on.”

34. Jon Phillips

“After two days of taking this supplement I’m having horrible stomach pain and heart burn that’s I’ve never experienced before.”

35. Nevada

“1 capsule daily for a week, then 2 daily the next week. I began feeling pain on my right side near where the appendix is (I have never had pain on this side of stomach)so I stopped for a few days. I started taking again and the pain came back.”

36. ALC

“Absolutely demolished my stomach. I experienced terrible heartburn, gas, and bloating after taking just one pill daily for three days. It was a miserable experience. The recommended dosage was 6 pills! I can’t fathom how much pain I would be in if I took that many. ”

37. kbg

“I really wish that I was one of the people that had sudden energy and improved mood, etc. However this product made all my problems worse!! I actually experienced decreased energy, daily headaches, break outs on my face, neck and back and an awful body odor.”

38. Glen R. Scott

“This item makes me sick, dizzy and lethargic.”

39. Coifure Mixtress

“I started out taking 3 of the pills instead of the recommended dosage. The second day I continued taking 3 pills and I had a headache that lasted two days. So I stopped taking the product and tried again after contacting the owner who said to take 1 pill then work my way up. Now I have constant itching that cant be from anything but this product. Everytime I take time off and try the product again with just one pill I gain another side effect.”

40. Susan

“After reading reviews, I was hoping for more energy and other health issues to be addressed. Unfortunately, after starting with 1 pill daily for 4 days and then 2 pills daily for 5 days I felt sicker in the last days with major acid reflux and very sharp pain throughout my throat and intestinal track. I quit taking them and after a few days felt normal again.”

41. Cynthia L. Page

“I believe I am having stomach cramps from this product. There are no warnings about starting slow with this, directions say 6 per day. I started with 2 one evening, I had bad cramps about 12 hours later. I didn’t associate with the liver pills, I thought I may have food poisoning, but it didn’t quite seem like that. I took a second dose of two, three days latter, same problem. I took one this am, about 14 hours ago and I am having lower abdominal cramps. It must be these liver pills.”

42. Karen E. Bennett

“No energy after taking, the opposite! I was extremely tired with this product.”

43. Mary Davis

“I took 6 pills day 1 as listed on the bottle and had brain fog, nausea, and migraines for days. I was really excited to feel energized and get back to life but this product set me back $40 and several days of unnecessary pain.”

44. Kelly A. Redman

“I hesitate to say this because I am not sure if this product is what has caused my allergic reaction but wanted to review in case it happens to anyone else. I started with 1 capsule a couple of weeks ago. On day 2 I had a weird rash develop on the back of my thighs. Never imagined it was from this. On day 3 right after I took the one capsule someone asked what I’d done different. What was causing the rash. This is absolutely the only thing new I was using. I stopped and went to urgent care and my dermatologist. It was an awful reaction. Terrible itching where I couldn’t even sleep. The dermatologist finally put me on a strong steroid cream and steroid pills. Took them for a week, and the rash went away. Two days ago, thinking there is no way need beef supplements are giving me a itchy rash, I started with one capsule in the morning. This is day two and I’m itchy again in the very same spot. It doesn’t make any sense at all. I have never before had an allergy to anything at all before this.”

45. Amazon Customer

“I purchased this product in January hoping to reap the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef liver. I started by only taking 1 capsule per day and eventually went up to two capsules a month or so later. At first, I believe this supplement made me feel great and I noticed my energy had really improved. I never took more than 2 in a day. Now that I’m experiencing symptoms of what my doctor has described as Vitamin A toxicity months later (a feeling of pressure in my head, upper GI pain, bumps on my arms, and cracked lips) it’s hard to understand how the serving size is listed at 6 capsules. These are POTENT and my bloodwork proves it.”

46. csnmum

“I’ve been having a headache since I started taking these.”

47. Kristina

The supplements delayed her cycle by six days, made her gain weight, her body temperature was unusually hot, she started sweating more, and developed “raging teenage forehead and chin acne”. The experience was a nightmare, she says.

49. Christine G

“I started these, I had an unexplainable extreme fatigue. It constantly felt like I was hit by a truck. My legs felt like jelly and I could barely keep my eyes open. I found it so hard to function throughout the day, forcing myself to get up and do my day-to-day activities.”

50. Elisabeth

Experienced increased mental stress after taking just one capsule for several days.  After increasing the dosage to 2 capsules, her heart rate went to high 70s to low 90s (typically it’s 50s-low 60s). After 3 weeks on the supplements, she ended in the ER with heart palpitations caused by low potassium [copper depletes potassium, beef liver is very high in copper – Paola]. “As soon as I stopped taking these, the symptoms went away and my RHR is back down to normal.”

51. Colton

Experienced extreme gas, “crazy farts”, the next morning had extreme diarrhea and nausea all day, almost felt like food poisoning / flu.

52. hkudra

“I took one pill each day for three days and have never felt so horrible in my life. The first day I took the pill, I started to get a headache and my stomach hurt. (I rarely have stomach problems) The next day I took one pill, I had a headache, my stomach hurt, nausea that wouldn’t go away. The third day I took the pill, I could barely move! My body ached everywhere, nausea, headache and shortness of breath. I strongly warn against this product. It has been two days since I stopped this product and I am feeling so much better. I am so glad I didn’t take four pills as recommended. I’d probably be in the hospital.”

53. Hola

Has been taking the product in single and double quantities and “it’s been fantastic” and took the recommended dose with zero issues. “It’s energizing and overall a great product. This time around, however, I opted to go for it and purchase the three pack. Wow. After taking the recommended dose on day one, it caused an alarming wave of nausea that kept me in bed for over 48 hours. I don’t know what happened this time around but it was kind of scary.” [Did it take some time for the copper and vit A to build up to toxic levels? How many others who left raving 5 star reviews experienced the same but never cared to amend their reviews once the product “switched” on them? – Paola]

54. Sue

Similar case as the previous one: the capsules don’t seem to work anymore: “I’ve been using these for years. They worked well up until this last bottle. They stink way worse now, they’re a much darker color, suddenly give me heartburn & pain, and my ferritin plummeted suddenly. These are NOT the same anymore, They are worthless now. I’m switching to another brand. Goodbye “Perfect” after 4 years of purchasing this product. It’s crap now!” [Did the product change or did she simply built up copper and vit A to toxic levels? – Paola]

55. Dee

“Gave me extreme fatigue and pain, also gave irregular periods.”

56. Winifred C.

Saw his ferritin fall by 20 points over the course of the months he’s been taking them. [Which is interesting, since many people take liver to improve iron or other minerals or vitamins. Yet, there are many accounts that show that certain markers DECREASED since the consumption of liver products, including ferritin. – Paola]

57. Colorado

Experienced migraines and nausea, got “terrible sick the first time, but thought it was a coincidence.” Tried again two weeks later with the same, awful “sick reaction”, kept him in bed for 2 days.

58. Ariel Hamilton

Was puking her guts out “all night long”,  even with some bleeding. This happened after taking just 1 pill, although on the bottle it says to take 4.

59. Jennifer Bayouth

“I had a dangerous response to this and ended up in the ER with stroke level high bp, seizures, drop in body temperature, and tachycardia.”

60. Amazon Customer

Experienced extreme nausea and fatigue after just 2.5 weeks.

61. Youthful

Experienced bleeding and sore gums, and severe reflux that made it difficult to sleep.


  1. Emily F

Yet another account of a person seeing their blood markers get worse, instead of better after the supplementation with beef liver. “I have really low b12 and iron and I was hoping this would help both of those things – have gone through two bottles before getting my blood tested again , to only find that my b12 and iron DROPPED!”

63. Sam

Started as directed, 1 a day for 3 days, after an initial slight improvement in mood and energy, he felt a little nauseous and wanted to lay in bed. On day 3, his skin started peeling, he was still taking just 1 pill. Later, his back started peeling as well. At that point decided to stop taking the pills, but continued to feel nauseous, dizzy, and “off” like something was wrong, awful heartburn, can’t sleep, feels very sick, is having thoughts that he is going to die.

64. Amazon Customer

Another case of first seeing an improvement, then worsening in symptoms, and blaming a different product: She started taking beef liver while pregnant “to increase nutrients for baby”. Was very pleased with other beef liver brands and saw her nails grow like “so fast and strong”, and her skin was glowing and she had the most energy. After starting with this brand, all her nails are broken, her energy is low and her skin is “very broke out”. [Is it the brand or the fact that she simply built up copper and vit A to toxic levels? – Paola]

65. Debbie Alger

Has been taking the pills for a bit more than 2 months. In that time, her hair started falling out, muscles were cramping [typical sign of electrolyte depletion – Paola], and she gets more tired every day. Her blood work indicated her liver enzymes are elevated [copper and vit A is deposited in the liver and can damage the liver – Paola].

66. Tyler Waldrop

Just two pills caused a bad headache and made him feel “really terrible”. Tried again a few days later with the same result.

67. Gi

“Bad reaction!! Started taking these on and off one month ago. Only took one a day and in total only took 7 pills throughout the month. Caused digestive issues, hot flashes and had a really bad reaction on my mouth. Lips and inside of my mouth were raw/burning sensation that landed me in the doctors office.”

68. A B NOYB

Had a very bad reaction to just two capsules, they made him tired and he felt nauseous.

69. Mary

Gave her more energy and stamina, but the longer she was taking them, the worse her insomnia became. After she stopped them, sleep went back to normal.

70. Linds

After only just two capsules, made him feel incredibly weak and nauseous, gave him “the worst stomach ache”, cramping and vomiting.

71. L. L. Scott

Tried the pills for two weeks and got “severely ill”: noticed increased digestive issues, severe stomach cramps and pain, then started itching the longer he was consuming them [itching can be a sign of cholestasis, a type of liver damage due to impaired bile flow – Paola].

72. S.A.G.

“I took one a day for three days and had such a terrible reaction to these. It took several days to get my body to stop itching. I have never had a reaction like that before to anything. My body was acting as if I had a liver disease.”

73. Mel E

Started taking beef liver supplements to keep iron levels healthy, instead saw the iron levels drop.

74. cheryl

Got a massive headache on two occasions after taking just one pill.

The following reviews are from an organ supplement that contains beef liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen in equal amounts. Capsule is made from gelatin.


75. Tahnee Cooke

Started taking the organ supplement to increase iron levels post pregnancy. Was taking 2 to 3 capsules daily, within several days she “became so sick with nausea, cold chills, and a fever. It felt like I had the flu, like my immune system was being attacked.”

76. Amazon Customer

Started taking 1 pill a day, worked up to 3. It took a while to realize that they were making him “feel so awful” and “horrible”. He felt like his body was rejecting the pills. “These literally made me feel really sick and lethargic and I looked really sick, with pale skin and dark under eyes appearing the more and more I took.”

77. N. Fagerhaugh

After just two doses started having “intense migraine pain with rainbow flashing lights”, could hardly walk, had to stay in a darkened apartment all day. The pain was all over the head and behind eyes. “The flashing lights in my vision felt like hallucinations.” [A known symptom of copper toxicity are hallucinations – Paola].

78. Jorge

The product made him very sick, with flu like symptoms, nausea, dizzy chills, and diarrhea.

79. Ray

Experienced constipation after taking just one pill a day and hair loss.

80. Amazon Customer

Experienced swollen throat, got sick within 2 weeks [I assume with cold or flu, it’s not specified – Paola], insomnia, people comment that he/she looks terrible with bags under eyes, energy is “non existent”, but mind races at night [typical copper toxicity symptom – Paola].

81. Smith

Since taking the pills, noticed feeling “extremely anxious” [also typical for both copper and vitamin A toxicity – Paola], unable to handle stress, over reacting and “awful stomach problems”. After stopping the pills it all went away within 3 days.

82. Huda

Ended up bed sick, can’t move from severe stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

83. Joe T.

“I take a variety of supplements and I was having a bad reaction to something I was ingesting. I slowly started removing all my supplements never once thinking that it was the ancestral internal organs supplements so to my surprise when I stopped taking this product my stomach issues, anxiety, itching, tingling in my arms and legs, all went away!”

84. oggi

Experienced “migraine sunken eye pain level headache” from 1/2 dose daily. Lost several days [presumably couldn’t work during those? – Paola]

85. JStep

“One pill made me extremely sick with a severe headache and 12 hours of nausea. I do not get headaches so it was very obvious from the one capsule.”

86. M

“This caused severe stomach issues, cramping and itching.” – after just one pill a day [instead of the recommended 6 – Paola]

87. Caren

“It took a while to figure out what is making me feel nauseous and unwell. I followed the instructions and started taking one capsule for three days and then two for three days and then 3… when I got to three capsules a day I started to feel very unwell, started to feel nausea, headache.”

88. Carmen A

“I only took one capsule of each for two weeks when I started to get dizzy and my throat closed badly. I also got flu like symptoms. I am always energetic and strong but for three days I was sleepy and I even told my daughter I thought I was going to faint.”

89. Joseph

After 5 days if made him feel terrible: headache, vertigo, poor focus.

90. John Khalil

“Turned my toilet into a bloodbath. Same for my mother. Ruined my bowel movements for months upon stopping it.”

91. Andrew

“Caused massive headaches and dizziness after first dose.”

92. Melissa P.

Started taking half of the recommended dosage and within 25 to 30 minutes gets really bad headaches, head feels like it’s in a vice and ears have that “whoosh sound”.

93. S.R.

After upping the dose to half the recommended dose (3 pills per day), S.R. started having migraine, body aches, and chills, and continued to get worse. After stopping the pills, the migraine is gone, but is still having severe fatigue, body aches, and chills, “as if I have the flu”. Also experienced chest tightness / pain in the morning to the point that it hurts to drink, feels inflamed.

94. theteets

Has been feeling itchy, feeling “zings” within his body, weird ache near the heart/chest, to the point of feeling scared. The bigger issue is a new sense of exhaustion, “like I have the flu”, feeling “soooo groggy and tired”.

95. Amazon Customer

Tried them twice, each time gave him daily headaches.

96. Happy Northerner

Was feeling miserably ill (cramps, nausea) after taking just one pill. Tried again at 1/4 of a capsule, but still experienced stomach upset.

97. Chadi EL-Khoury

“I really wanted this supplement to deliver, but it wrecked my digestive system. I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and symptoms subsided, then started it back up and all symptoms returned within one week.”

98. Dasein

At only a fraction of the recommended dosage has experienced “iron overload” [similar to Frank Tufano’s experience – Paola]. “I mysteriously started to feel ill after taking these supplements and lo and behold, it’s becuase my serum iron and saturation were jacked up through the roof.”

99. Nancy S.

This seems to be a textbook example of copper and/or vit A toxicity that took a while to build up, with first positive effects which then turned into the opposite: “I had very good results with the Grass-fed Beef Liver from Ancestral Supplements for several months, using the recommended six capsules per day. My Hemoglobin had been running low for a long time and the “drug store” iron supplements made me very constipated. So, I was very happy with this product. My hemoglobin was greatly improved, and I was able to give blood (I have an uncommon blood type that the Blood Bank loves to get!).

Unfortunately, after several months, I began to have increasingly uncomfortable nausea and diarrhea and tried eliminating various supplements from my diet. When I stopped the beef liver supplement I began to feel better within a few days. I waited several weeks and reintroduced the Beef Liver again at a minimal dose, but immediately started having nausea and diarrhea again. I am sad, because this worked so well for quit awhile;”

100. Teresa

Another textbook example of “first it was great, then a nightmare”: “Believe it or not but after only three days I felt great with little or no brain fog for ten days. I couldn’t believe the difference. I thought I found what I had been searching for the past 5 years at least; I was ecstatic. Then one day, it was like someone flipped a switch and I started feeling bad. I wasn’t going to give up so I purchased another month supply of beef organs and bone&marrow to see if I could get to that feeling “good” stage I had. Well I didn’t get there. I went to a chiropractor who believes in bovine supplements. He explained to me why but with this severe brain fog I can’t remember what he said. He did a nutrition response test. He said there were 5 organs with issues so I have been taking supplements for two of them. Three weeks later, I continue to have severe brain fog, confusion, fatigue and depression.”

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