Carnivores Who Got Sick from Eating Liver

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Below is a list of people who experienced negative symptoms while following a carnivore diet and who were eating liver at the same time.

Some symptoms were debilitating, others minor. All of them felt like they were getting worse on the carnivore diet to one degree or another. Some of them abandoned it and improved after adding plant foods.

ALL of them were or are still eating liver.

The negative symptoms range from a generally declining sense of well-being, fatigue, constipation, anxiety, depression, cramps, insomnia, to hair loss, dry skin, acne, bloating, dizzyness, lethargy, feeling cold, irritability, cramps, heart palpitations, low testosterone, bad PMS, migraines.

How can this be explained? What is it about liver (but also other organs) that would explain those drastic reactions?

I believe it likely comes down to two factors: vitamin A and copper.

Liver (but also other organs) has excessive amounts of both.

Depending on the animal, the vitamin A content can reach 66,000 IU / 100 gr (the RDA is 2,700 to 3,000 IU per day).

Copper in beef liver can reach 14.3 mg / 100 gr. (The RDA for copper is 0.9 mg per day.)

Vitamin A poisoning from various types of livers has been documented in the medical literature dozens of times.

Many of the reported symptoms also match those of copper poisoning.

Examples of Carnivores Who Got Sick From Eating Liver

The following accounts were taken either from Youtube, X, reddit or other public platforms. Others are taken from Facebook groups like the The World Carnivore Tribe (WCT), Muscle Meat Carnivore (MMC), Principia Carnivora (PC), or The Lion Diet (TLD), Don’t Eat That (DET), KetoAF (KAF), Carnivore Nation (CN) or other carnivore or carnivore-centric groups. (The list contains a few non-carnivore examples, but most were on a zero carb diet.)

Posts from WTC and other open platforms are public, so they are reposted here them with the authors’ names. The other groups are private, so to read the original posts you need be a member of those groups.

The list was originally published in the Muscle Meat Carnivore group on Facebook, where it is continually updated.

1. Frank Tufano

Frank used to be carnivore for 8 years. During this time he used to eat and heavily promote the eating of liver:

He also sells liver and raw cod liver oil:

He developed the following symptoms: Insomnia, extreme pain, had the most miserable time of his life, digestive issues, candida, SIBO, h. pylori, low vitamin C levels, feeling of his heart exploding:

Interestingly, his problems were not fixed after switching to a muscle meat only diet, which has been also my experience. Once I hurt myself by eating organs, simply going back to muscle meat did not fix it. For some people, this can be the solution, others have to take supplements to get better, as did I.

Interesting point: he used to take Accutane, which is retinoic acid, a type of vitamin A. It is not unusual for people to get sick years or even decades post Accutane use (something he discounts), which could be due to the liver slowly releasing its vit A stores.

He blames iron overload as the source of his problems.

He improved by donating blood and adding plant based foods.

He now warns against the carnivore diet but still recommends the consumption of organs:

2. Dr. Paul Saladino

Shortly after publishing his book “The Carnivore Code” which promoted the “nose-to-tail” type of carnivore diet with ample consumption of organs, Dr. Saladino announced that he wasn’t following that very diet anymore but started eating fruits and honey, instead. He later admitted that his diet caused him cramps, heart palpitations, lower testosterone, and an overall feeling of declining well-being:

He has since improved by regularly donating blood and by adding high vit C foods (fruit):

3. Carnivore Aurelius

He used to be carnivore, but has since abandoned it, is eating fruit and honey and possibly other plant foods. He still sells liver products and promotes the consumption of liver:

It is not clear why he abandoned the pure carnivore diet (if you know, please let us know in the comments), but he has been posting about how to increase testosterone levels, and how ginger can improve gut health, boosts mood and improves thyroid function — so those seem to be issues which have been on his mind.


4. Tanya Huang (WCT)

Experienced dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips and depression when she was eating liver, eggs, cheese, and whipped cream. She also used to take cod liver oil extract which caused her a feeling of sadness during the one week period she took it. She experienced the same when drinking carrot juice in the past and taking Accutane (a type of vitamin A). Mood lifted a few days after stopping the high vit A foods.

5. Zion Ori (WCT)

A few days into the carnivore he experienced serious constipation, bloating, acne. Has been eating cod fish liver and pork liver.

6. Olivia LaVon Pacheco (WCT)

Managed to go pure carnivore only for 6 weeks, since she was feeling miserable, had digestive problems, and experienced “the worst cramping” during her period. She then had to abandon the diet. When asked whether she ate any liver during those 6 carnivore weeks, she said yes. (comments section)

7. Matt Grenoble and wife (WCT)

Went full carnivore for 4 months, intensified hormone imbalance in wife (feeling cold, feeling on edge, constipation, more intense periods). Liver was included in the diet (comments section)

8. Josh Capes (WCT)

Carnivore for 90 days, feeling dizzy, lethargic, lack of appetite, feels like garbage. Eats liver occasionally.

9. Josh Whitinger (WCT)

Has been carnivore for 8 months at the time of the post with regular liver consumption. Was eating liver “raw every other day” plus organ supplements. During that time felt “like I was missing something and my digestion was a mess”. He felt no change in autoimmune condition, or it probably worsened. (comments section)

10. Shadow Thundercloud (WCT)

Eating liver from 1991 to 2018, eats liver once a week. Developed sleeplessness, cold extremities, irritability, then added rice potatoes, fruit, and honey and feels better.

11. Paola Dziwetzki

I developed ascites (water retention in my abdomen), crushing fatigue, water accumulation in my ankles, difficulty thinking or focusing, blurry vision, double vision, bloating, constipation, watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, dry skin, red blotches on my skin, menorrhea (my period stopped for one month), joint pain, sensation of acid in my body, physical weakness, hair loss, coarse hair, and a million other symptoms, see my interview with Judy Cho:

12. RC (PC)

Has been dealing with IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with constipation), nail dystrophy, hair loss, dry skin, dry eyes, low free testosterone, abdominal obesity since going carnivore. In the comments section lists chicken liver as part of his diet. Ironically, he admits that he is aware that he eats boatloads of retinol, maybe even too much.

13. MV (PC)

Has experienced anxiety, bad mood, lack of energy, bad sleep, lethargy, joint pain, trouble when working out, and hated being around people. All this has improved since she stopped eating liver. (comments)

MV recently posted an update. In spite of her prior negative experience with liver, she developed strange cravings for it and went back to eating liver and kidneys. First, things seemed to be ok, but then she steadily noticed a worsening of symptoms: joint and bone pain, extreme fatigue, itchy skin, massive hair loss, easy bleeding, bleeding gums. A vitamin C test showed undetectable levels. She started supplementing with vitamin C and things are slowly improving. She also says that she is done with organs for good. Also mentions that her hair color developed an orange tint, although she never colored it which makes here suspect that she is loaded with copper.

14. MCP (PC)

Cholesterol went to 630, has high liver numbers, IBS is coming back, has chronic migraines, is eating liver once a month, had to add plant foods for some things to improve.

15. KK (TLD)

Has been on the lion diet including beef liver supplements for 21 months without cheating, not even once. Lately, has been getting worse and worse, including a hospitalization, was suffering from excruciating leg pain but also in heart, lungs, and during breathing, has been diagnosed with scurvy.

16. Beverly Mandell Spooner (WCT)

Developed bleeding, receding, and painful gums since starting carnivore [which is a typical sign of scurvy – Paola]. In the comments she admits to eating liver and is thinking to increase her liver consumption to add more vit C. [In reality, it is likely the excessive amounts of vit A and copper in liver that cause the degradation of vit C and so scurvy – Paola]

“I love my steaks rare! And that is exactly how I cook my liver when I have it. But I’m probably not eating it enough. I’ll have to increase. Thanks so much!”

17. EET (TLD)

Has been on the lion diet for 8 weeks and is reporting massive hair loss. Is eating a lot of liver, she says.

18. Robin Jones (WCT)

Reports severe hair loss, fine hair that breaks easily.

Her past posts show her gorging on cod liver:

19. RNAN (PC)

Says he hasn’t been well for over 2 months, with symptoms getting worse and worse, such as diarrhea, vomiting. When looking at his older posts, he seems to have gorged on liver. There are liver dishes on top of more liver and other organs. The man seems to have engaged in an organ eating orgy. Yet, when it has bee pointed out to him that the liver may be at fault, he either ignores it or laughed at my suggestion. The man experiences typical vitamin A and copper toxicity symptoms.

20. David Shim (TLD)

DS has been on the carnivore diet for around 6 months to treat Crohn’s disease. The first few months on the Lion Diet without organs and he felt fantastic, superhuman, although was still having digestive issues. He then switched to the PKD diet which included ample consumption of beef liver several times a week. A few months into it, he started experiencing fatigue after eating, feeling like a zombie, hair loss, cramps, and sleeping problems. He has since stopped eating liver and some of his symptoms have improved.

21. Anonymous member (TLD)

At first was seeing great progress with eczema clearing up and reduced gas or bloating, felt amazing. By week two, seems to be reacting to everything, eczema flares on hands, seems to be gaining weight (although overweight), some depressive symptoms and lethargy, diarrhea getting worse. Admits to having taken organ supplements, but stopped since felt like needed a nap 2 hours later and felt exhausted.

22. SF (TLD)
Says was feeling better and stronger with each day. Then one day came home after exercising, cooked up some liver and kidney for breakfast. 2 h later was in absolute agony, another 2 h was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

23. Anonymous member (TLD)
Is devastated after coming back from a doctor’s checkup: instead of seeing Hashimoto’s get better, is now hypothyroid, autoimmune kidney disease that was reversed previously, has come back with a vengence, folate is dangerously low to the point that pregnancy could result in a birth defect. Admits to having incorporated chicken liver in the diet for the folate once or twice a week.

24. HS (TLD)

Is asking about tiredness and migraines and histamine imbalances after eating liver.

25. HA (TLD)

On day 30 of the Lion Diet and is feeling discouraged since there is no improvement in full body pain, severe fatigue, belly pain, nausea, and overall just feeling awful. Both have gotten worse. Admits to having taken liver capsules shortly before the Lion Diet.

26. Beata Posala Drazek (MMC)

Experienced weight gain, histamine overload, insomnia from hell, intense heartburn, nails separating into layers, hair loss, constipation causing bowel prolapse, eyesight weakening, bleeding gums, constant fatigue, high cholesterol, decreased thyroid function and high thyroid antibodies, constant, intense hunger, high blood sugar. All this has escalated after adding liver to the diet, although she doesn’t seem to be quite aware of it and blames the carnivore diet in general.

27. Tori Nance (WCT)

Complains about hair getting progressively thinner and not growing since going carnivore. Says she got 1/2 to 1 oz of liver back in her diet.

In past posts she also complains about extreme cold sensations, constipation, fatigue, increased food reactions, horrible reflux, vertigo, and bloating.

28. Debbie Neville (WCT)

Is begging for help, says she has been carnivore for 6 months and is in very bad shape, arthritis and inflammation has skyrocketed, whole body, every joint is in pain and she can barely move some days, fibromyalgia pain is worse at 7-8 out of 10, hair is falling out in clumps, is bruising, gums hurt, is not sleeping, is in a fog, just feels so sick and unwell like she should be in hospital, cholesterol sky high. Says she is taking beef organ supplements.

29. Judy Crowley (WCT)

Has been having continuing hair loss on the carnivore diet. Admits to occasionally use liver pills.

I can’t find her original post in the WCT, so am linking to my twitter wall, where I reposted her comments:

30. MG (TLD)

Has tested low for vitamin C levels. In the comments she admits to eating “creamy and yummy super fresh” goat liver from animals that she raises and processes herself. Is suffering from migraines and vitamin C deficiency symptoms, although she doesn’t specify which ones, swollen tummy, painful joints, and chronic congestion.

31. UnModded_Human, (X)

Following a carnivore and organ meats diet exacerbated a lot of the symptoms he already had like chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, brain fog, worsening vision, irritability, tongue and lip reddening and swelling. It also added new symptoms like sound sensitivity (I had that, too), eye discharge, toes turning purple, feeling cold.

He also says “Lyme, mold and SIBO. Was it all just liver toxicity?”, insinuating that those were things he either suspected of having or was diagnosed with.

32. Sea Bird, @SeaMountainBird, (X)

Has been on the carnivore diet for 7 1/2 weeks and has gained weight (although wants to loose 22 lbs) and has been “rather constipated”. Admits to taking desiccated liver and organ supplements a few times a week.

33. Rhoda Byler (WCT)

Was taking organ supplements with liver, started having acne flare ups, period cramps, and “didn’t feel good like I did the first couple years on carnivore”. Those symptoms developed slowly over time, and if it hadn’t been for watching one of Judy Cho’s videos where she mentioned the dangers of eating liver, she would have never put two and two together. The “organ supplements were not suspect to me”, she says. (comments section)

34. GL (TLD)

After 3 months on the Lion Diet without cheating, he didn’t experience any improvement on his autoimmune thyroid problem, it even got worse on exams. TSH went from 1.4 to 5, T4 from 10.4 to 9.5 and T3 from 2.65 to 2.25, although MAK antibodies have come down from 550 to 350. Has been experiencing worse brain fog, urticaria (a red rash), and sleeping problems. He says he doesn’t get enough energy from the diet. Admits that he was eating liver twice per week.

35. Anonymous, (private message)

A man went on the carnivore diet, but got worse and so abandoned it. During the carnivore phase he was eating some liver and taking organ supplements (Ancestral Supplements). By the 3rd week he was having bad electrolyte imbalance, heart palpitations, was having heartburn.

This is taken from a private conversation I had with him via messenger. I shared screenshots with his permission on X:

36. Anonymous, (private message)

Man went on the carnivore diet, saw initial improvements, then declining health in the form of lack of motivation, difficulty focusing on hard tasks, feeling physically and mentally weak and a flare of seasonal allergies. He kept eating around 2 lbs of chicken liver per month (His liver consumption is not included on the screenshots I posted on X, but is contained in our conversation)

37. Emily, (Substack)

Not a carnivore case, but from the Ray Peat and WAPF  (Weston A Price Foundation) camp which advocate for heavy liver consumption, but which included a phase of around 6 months at essentially zero fiber. Emily says in that time she was eating tons of cod liver oil and liver from animals they butchered. As a result, she lost weight, “looked dead in the eyes”, got little bumps all over her body, like keratosis pilaris, started getting dizzy and tired all the time, her mood was horrible, and said “I truly felt like I was going to die, a sense of impending doom”. Her period stopped, she felt super hungry all the time, and “like death”. After switching the focus from animal vit A sources (liver) to more plant based ones on the Ray Peat protocol, the health decline continued, acne came back, she “started getting weirdly hairy”, hair started falling out in clumps. Eventually she even became so desperate that she attempted to end it all (can’t use the S word here). The use of topical retinoic acid creams and brith control pills likely contributed to her health issues prior to her liver eating phase. Read her substack article here:

38. MK (TLD)

Complains of skin getting drier and drier on the lion diet. In the comments section she says she’s been eating small bites of liver once every 2 weeks for a month or two.

39. f_j_b_07 (X and Instagram)

Eating liver also appears to negatively impact our furry friends. Someone left a comment on my Instagram page recounting how her dog’s hair turned copper colour and started shedding hair like crazy with liver consumption.

40. Dr. Steve Goedekke (X)

Steve allowed me to share publicly what he wrote in a private message to me: He has been dealing with a whole list of health issues for a long time, but some of them definitely got worse while he was eating liver: eczema on his hands. insomnia, and anxiety. He has since been following a low vit A diet and most of the symptoms have either gone away or are greatly improved.

41. Rachel Maria (WCT)

Says has been a carnivore for 6 years and has “severe hair loss”. She says she takes liver in capsules. (comments section)

42. Melissa Fortheringham (WCT)

After 8 months on the carnivore diet, she says her hair has been falling out in handfull and has become “so dry”, “like straw”. Neither iodine, B12, nor biotin help. She says she eats 4 ounces of liver twice a week.

43. MBR (TLD)

A woman says she desperately needs help, has been on the carni/lion diet for just over 1 year with zero cheats in that time. Thanks to the carni diet she has healed from diabetes and high blood pressure. But, she has experienced a number of other health problems, the most troubling is extreme chronic constipation, dry clay like. She says it feels acidic and sharp, like glass pieces [I had the same, it turned out to be copper most likely – Paola]. She also started feeling tired, down and developed endometrial pain, and possibly gut/pelvic and abdominal pain. She had to be hospitalized at some point, it seems due to extreme constipation, although it’s not quite clear. Skin and lips are extremely dry, heart palpitations every night, and insomnia. Basically, she displays classic vit A and copper toxicity symptoms. When asked, she says that she east both liver and kidneys at least once a week.

44. Brittany Lauren (WCT)

During her first carnivore phase of 30 days, Brittany felt great. During her second one, which lasted 60 days, her mood was bad, she felt sluggish, she had no motivation or energy, experienced brain fog, and no fat loss. She has since incorporated Dr. Saladino’s suggestions of berries, diary and organs and saw only minor improvements in her well-being. She says her body doesn’t feel good and she doesn’t know what to do. She says she has been eating 4 oz of organs (mix of liver, heart, kidneys) almost every day for breakfast. (It sounds like she could have been eating organs already before, but increased them after reading Dr. Saladino’s suggestions, although it’s not entirely clear whether this is the case)

45. Frequent-Device4942 (Reddit)

Man has been supplementing with vitamin A, vitamin D and eating liver and as a consequent developed “every hypercalcemia symptom, as well as fatigue, edema, loss of appetite and more.“ (Those are EXACTLY the same symptoms I developed after eating liver and I never supplemented with vit A or D or any multi-vitamins.)

All of those things: vit A, vit D, excess amounts of copper in the liver are known to cause calcifications. The symptoms he describes are also typical for liver injury.

46. Several posters on X

I asked on my X wall if anyone has experienced negative side effects from eating liver and got a few responses to the effect. In general, I find that X is not a good platform for this kind of reports due to its character limit. So, people do not go into details and it’s hard to tell what they are really saying. In spite of this, I will include some of them here:

@GoodTexture mentioned that he had bad skin reactions from liver pills.

@siobhan_huggins said that a daily intake of ca. 75 g of liver caused her nausea, vomiting, physical illness, and a strong aversion over a course of around two weeks.

@AkadiaHostel: “eating a can of cod liver gave me a pressure headache that felt like my head was about to explode it lasted about three weeks, tried it again a year later because I don’t learn from my lessons and had a similar reaction”

@TheMattSeaton said he had elevated bilirubin and slight jaundice in eyes.

47. SH (DET)

A man has been on the carnivore diet for some time and says it’s working and that he is doing the best he has in years. This was February 2023. In that post he also mentioned the regular supplementation with beef liver capsules every morning. Then, in a post he made several months later he complains about gallbladder and liver problems where “everything got a lot worse” and that he had to take some steps backwards, and it appears he is not on the carnivore diet anymore.

48. JW (DET)

Day 24 on the carnivore diet and he feels terrible and much much worse than before the diet. He complains of exhaustion, depression, dizziness after standing up, brain is not working, feels worse after eating, developed intolerance to medications (melatonin and doxylamine). He says that he has been adding a little organs (liver, tongue, heart) to his food. [Melatonin is a copper chelator. Beef liver is very high in copper. His symptoms are typical copper toxicity symptoms. This likely explains why he developed a sensitivity to the medication.]

49. Anonymous member (TLD)

This member says he developed fatty liver, hair loss, and tummy issues as well as low T3 thyroid on the Lion Diet. He says he has been supplementing with organs.

50. AJ (CDSS)
Her son has been on the carnivore diet for 2 weeks, first week was great but then he developed multiple diarrhea per day, nausea at night and can’t gain weight. She says he’s been eating chicken liver twice a week.

51. CL (TLD)

Says her hair has been coming out in gobs since she has been on the carnivore diet for the past 5 months. She says she has been having chicken liver at least once every other week.

52. A member of the Vitamin A Toxicity group on FB

Says that since he has been taking beef liver, he started feeling like crap, felt off and like he had a sun burn, and felt poisoned.

53. JI (DET)

Has been eating meat and organs for 3 months. Complains of feeling terrible after work out, needs a lot to recover, and in general feels very tired after physical activity, even after sleeping.

54. DG (PC)

Is complaining about har loss and hair thinning since he’s been a strict carnivore for almost 2 years. In the comments he admits to eating liver almost every day.

55. JB (PC)

Says she needs serious help with hair loss. In the comments she says that she fixed her iron levels with “lots of liver”.

56. LM (TLD)

Has been encountering alarming hair loss. In the comments she mentions that she is currently out of her liver, suggesting that she has been either regularly eating or supplementing with liver.

57. DDJ (TLD)

Has seen large amounts of hair coming out at a time, shedding all over his clothes and the pillow, sometimes he gets a hand full when he runs his hands through his hair. He has been carnivore for around 5 months. In the comments he east liver about 2 times a week and it makes him feel great.

58. Katie Greer (WCT)

Was hoping that the carnivore diet would fix her hormone problems, but after 9 months into the diet, they instead  seem to have gotten worse. Her cycle is now 40 to 50 days long with cramping and nausea. She says she eats “plenty of raw beef liver and heart”.

(I think from now on, I will link mostly to my reposts on X, instead of the original post, since sometimes people delete them.)

59. Beth Resnik Folk (WCT)

15 months ago, Beth tried the carnivore diet for 9 weeks. During that time she experienced “a full MCAS [Mast Cell Activation Syndrome] flare–cramping, diarrhea, lots of hives”. Since then, she has been reacting to almost everything: foods, medications, or supplements. Before, she could eat almost anything without problems. Was she eating liver during those 9 weeks of carnivory? Yes, chicken liver and Paul Saladino’s organ supplements.

Original post (see comments section):

My repost:

60. Amanda Frey (WCT)

Says the carnivore diet had a terrible effect on her and made her stop the diet. She encouraged people to message her for more info, which I did, where she admitted that she was both eating liver as well as taking liver supplements. (comments)

61. Chelsea Cooper (WCT)

Is 9 days into the carnivore diet, complains of extreme dryness in her mouth. It makes it difficult for her to sleep and swallow. She admits to taking liver supplements.

62. DA (PC)

Has been eating chicken liver for 3 to 5 years, adds some to dinner twice a week. Has been 12 months carnivore, but recently started adding some plant foods. Has been experiencing gas after a meal, cramps, sometimes explosive diarrhea, canker sores every few months, dusty skin on legs and feet, histamine intolerance, inadequate energy levels, feels “zonked out” occasionally, has lots of white sun spots on the skin, red veins in the sclera of the eyes [I assume he means – Paola]. Some of the things started before he went carnivore but failed to improve.

63. Paul N Jane Arnold (WCT)

Jane has been on the carnivore diet for almost 5.5 weeks, in that time has been experiencing worsening joint pain and stiffness that wakes her up with restlessness and achiness during the night. She admits to eating “some organs, not regularly” including chicken liver.

64. MH (TLD)

It seems she went through different phases of carnivory or Lion Diet. In her recent post she says she has been 22 days on the carnivore diet, the last 5 days on the full lion diet and that it was harder than before and that she felt like crap most of the 22 days. [Interesting fact: She has been eating high vit A foods like butter and eggs during most of the 22 days. Once she cut those out, she saw an improvement. Is this due to both vit A overload and / or copper mobilization of copper from the ingestion of vit A? – Paola]. She also mentions that to her amazement, she hasn’t lost any weight this whole time, although she’d like to lose 10 lbs, but it’s shocking her every week that she’s still the same every week. Her other [still ongoing, as it sounds?] problems are “cognitive and energy/vitality related”. When asked whether she eats organs, she says that she had some liver the day before and that she also takes desiccated liver pills “some days”, although she has cut way back on the liver. [Meaning, she used to eat much more liver in the past. – Paola]

In her past she complained about bad histamine reactions, fatigue, drowsiness, brain fog along with tingling in her lips, itching in her throat, and ears and gum pain.

Here she reports about more histamine issues, next to a picture with beef kidneys. Itchiness in throat, ears, some fatigue, stomach upset, weakness, brain fog, and hair loss. She mentions eating 1 oz of beef liver most days and plans on adding the beef kidneys.

Here again feeling like crap, weak, low energy, poor focus and concentration, also some depression (all typical vit A or copper toxicity symptoms):

65. SK (KAF)

Says she ate liver two days in a row and now she says it feels like it wrecked her progress: diarrhea, nausea, gagging at the thought of eating fat, all things that she had successfully gotten past. (comments)

66. KKW (Carnivore Nation, CN)

Says husband has been strict carnivore by eating beef, salt, and organs for 2 years. He then had an unexplained fainting spell, they went to the ER and his kidneys were found to be failing.

67. KLST (CN)

Has been on the carnivore diet for 5 months and has started losing lots of hair. In the comments, she mentions that she has been eating 8 eggs per day, butter, and — liver.

68. Anonymous participant (WCT)

Has been carnivore for nearly three months. In spite of seeing improvements in health, had to deal with night cramps (resolved with magnesium), his nails have become the weakest they have ever been. In the comments, he/she mentions rare liver or liver supplement consumption, but seemingly regular Haggis consumption. [Haggis is a Scottish dish that includes organ meats – Paola]

69. Jim Pullen (WCT)

Both Jim and his wife have been full carnivore for a couple of months and have been feeling fantastic. Recently, they have been feeling groggy and as if struggling with a sore chest/mucus. In the comments, Jim says they prepare kidneys or liver once a week as part of a brisket, which lasts them for a few days.

70. DW (CN)

Complains about bleeding gums [typical sign of scurvy – Paola] on the carnivore diet. In the comments he says he takes some liver, although it makes him feel sick when he eats it. Nevertheless he ordered some more beef ox liver, he said.

71. BO (CN)

After 4 months of carnivory, he suddenly had some bleeding gums [typical sign of scurvy – Paola]. In the comments he says he eats raw liver.

72. RGR (CN)

Complains of teeth issues – a bit of rot and sore gums. Eats offal [=organs] a couple times a week.

[Sore gums are a typical sign of scurvy – Paola]

73. GGB (CN)

Is asking what to do for hair loss, so it’s assumed he has been experiencing it himself. In the comments he mentions he supplements with some organ pills that include liver, spleen, heart, and kidneys. He also takes vit D, astaxanthin and spirulina [they are very high in vit A – Paola].

74. DN (CN)

Complains of “anxious feeling” after eating some liver.

75. NM (CN)

Noticed histamine reactions to organ meats like beef liver and heart. The same with liver capsules. They trigger migraines, joint aches, fatigue, anxiety, and more.

Interestingly, a few months prior, the same person posted how she needs to add chicken liver and chicken hearts to her diet, otherwise her energy starts to suffer. So, it appears that her reaction to organs was first positive and then negative, which matches the fact that vit A and copper (which liver is very high in) accumulate in one’s own liver. One’s the storage space is maxed out, the reaction turns from positive to negative.

76. LD (CN)

He has been on the carnivore diet for 4 weeks and started experiencing a whole collection of troubling symptoms:

– Hair loss (rapid)

– Freezing cold all day, everyday.

– Painful scalp

– Diminished Intellectual performance

– Impaired behaviour (Big Depression)

– Have lost a lot of weight, pretty fast over a short period

– Urinating very, very often

– Increased HR variability.

– Constipation

– Tired all the time

– Weakness

– Joint pain / in fingers, knees and hips

– Loss of sex drive

– Abdominal swelling & sometimes pain

– Drink tumps of water (3-5L) because of thirst

– Shortness of breath

[Those are all textbook vitamin A and copper toxicity symptoms. I had every single one of those symptoms, too. – Paola]

In an update to the post he discloses that “ox and lamb liver, ox kidney” are his staples.

77. NA (CN)

Has been carnivore for two months, the last 3 weeks has been feeling tired and low. What does she eat? Meat and organs.

78. EW (CN)

Has been on the carnivore diet for 4 weeks. Since 3rd week complains of foggy mind, constipation, headache in the evenings, sleepy head in the morning, eyes covered with fog, bags under eyes, feeling tired, bloated. Is asking for help and advice, seems desperate. She says she included beef liver once a week in the 2nd and 3rd week and continued with it in the 4th week.

79. SP (CN)

Has started carnivore diet 6 weeks ago but says she needs some help since instead of feeling great, she is feeling pretty rubbish. She has been feeling deprived and depressed, has constant diarrhea, bloating hasn’t improved, feels incredibly tired all the time, has put on weight (it seems this wasn’t desired), skin is sagging and looks older and waxy. Says it’s a struggle to keep to the diet. Has she been eating liver since going carnivore? Yes, every day. She makes 500 g of liver into a pate and eats a little bit of it every day. She also takes a multivitamin (which likely contains vit A and copper).

80. JB (CN)

Tried the carnivore during the previous summer, saw great improvements, was feeling great, back pain and constant inflammation resolved. Then one day during a hike, blacked out and fell to his knees. Instead of calling to be life flighted out of the Grand Canyon, he ate some carbs and it restored him to the point that he was able to hike for another 6 hours again. This scared him away from the carnivore diet. He asks for advice what this could have been due to. In the comments, he mentions that during that carnivore phase he was eating fatty meats, organ meats, and eggs. [Organ meats are very high in vit A. Did he accumulate a lot of vit A from eating the organ meats which caused a poisoning in his liver? Carbs increase insulin, which causes a vitamin A release. Did this restore his health again? The release of some built-up vit A after eating carbs? – Paola]

81. MS (CN)

Started carnivore diet mid June 2020. From the start he has been eating plenty of organs including liver and kidneys. After a week has been complaining of extreme fatigue and fluctuating energy levels. At the same time, dandruff has “magically disappeared”. Two more weeks after that, says has been eating eggs and liver for breakfast cooked in ghee, and more organs on top of that. Although he has seen an improvement in workouts, he is experiencing fatigue at the same time, elevated heart rate, feeling tired throughout the day, and it’s hard for him to stay up, has been clearly struggling.

82. KW (CN)

Is complaining about suffering from “Insomnia AS FUCK”. What does she eat? Grass fed organs like heart and liver.

83. JP (PC)

After starting to eat liver, his vitamin C and D levels were below the reference range. He tried the Paul Saladino diet and  developed brain fog, fatigue, was feeling off, and was sleeping poorly. His iron was also low, although he was eating 2 to 3 pounds of meat a day. He has since ditched the organs and is now eating only whole eggs and meat. (comments)

84. CCC (Carnivore Diet for Beginners, CDFB)

Says she has been carnivore for 15 months and started getting kidney stones about 3 months ago. In the comments she says she has been taking liver pills.

85. HJ (CDFB)

Complains of many health issues. Says she has not lost one pound since being carnivore for the past 3 weeks. Is discouraged since she says she does not feel any better.

In the comments she admits to supplementing with bovine liver pills.

86. Bogdan Dabrowski (WCT)

Bogdan has seen his carotid thickness (IMT, inter-media thickness) triple from 0.5 to 1.7 during his 4 year carnivore diet stint. The IMT is the level of fat accumulated in the inner walls of neck arteries and the first step towards atherosclerotic plaque, says his doctor.

In the comments he says he easts organs occasionally without specifying what that exactly means.

87. Justin Rhodes, Youtube

Those are one of my favorite Youtubers. Justin, his wife Rebecca, and their 5 kids. They raise their own animals Joel Salatin-style, and live off them. They have several freezers full of the meat they raised themselves: beef, chicken, and lamb. They keep a nearly daily vlog of the goings on on their farmstead. Justin has been on a near carnivore, or carnivore-adjacent diet for a long time. Recently, he has posted that he has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and that he has vascular inflammation. He has also been dealing with bad joint inflammation for years.

See here and here

The pre-diabetes diagnosis is strange, since Justin is not overweight and is physically active all day long.

Could his problems have something to do with liver consumption? Yes, since in one of his previous videos we can see his wife giving him his daily supplements which include desiccated organ pills and cod liver oil:

88. Michael Nemitz (WCT)

Has been on the carnivore + fruit diet for 3 months. For the past two weeks his anxiety has been at a 10/10 level, he says. Nearly all day long. Could liver be the culprit? Yes, since Michael admits to regularly eating “ancestral ground bison” which includes liver.

89. KL (TLD)

KL has been on the carnivore diet for 5 years and has noticed sharp increase in chronic feet nerve pain. Upon me asking her whether she ever eats liver, she says she buys grass fed liver, cuts it up and freezes it, and eats one ounce raw daily. She also says that cooked liver causes her sugar cravings and that too much of it makes her nerve pain worse. (comments section)

90. MV (CDFB)

MV is devastated since he has seen his kidney function plummet from 52 to 39, stage 3 kidney failure. In the comments he says that he eats 8-10 oz of liver, although it is not clear how often.

In the same post, he also said that he has never felt this good: awake, alert, clear, strong, and never hungry.

Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to have lasted very long, as 3 months later he made a new post and was complaining about fading vitality, returned sleeping and libido problems, and stalled weight loss (although he has about 25 more pounds to drop). In the same post he also says that he has been eating organs weekly.

91. Jana Bednaraova (WCT)

Jana says that something very strange has been happening to her: her joint pain first decreased significantly after 2 weeks on the carnivore diet, but by the end of week 4 it came back. At the same time here dry eye has become much worse.

The dry eyes is a dead give away that she’s been eating liver. As a matter of fact she admits in the comments that she’s been mixing fresh liver and liver pills.

92. Jasmine Hunter (WCT)

Reports that she ended up in hospital twice since trying the carnivore or low carb diet because of suspected electrolyte problems. She would get twitches, cramping, numbness, sleep issues, severe apnea, her legs felt “like dead”. She felt immediate relief after eating a potato. But now it’s a year later, she keeps eating potatoes, but still flares up. She now has also palpations [I assume she means palpitations? – Paola], numbness in hands and feet, can’t lose weight, sleep is messed up.

Has she been eating liver?

Yes, quite consistently and for years, even before she went carnivore:

“I eat raw liver most days about 4 or 5 times a week and heart and kidney!”

“And meat stock, about 50g liver a day 50g heart and kidney raw.”

Strangely, she is aware of vitamin A toxicity but doesn’t think that it’s something that could be affecting her: “I would be cautious with 250g liver a day though vitamin a toxicity is not something you want to mess around with they can’t remove it from the body once it’s there! Paul saladino reccomends that much in a week and even that amount is controversial!”

Could this explain here auto-immune issues even prior to the carnivore diet: “my diet prior to carnivore involved sweet potato spinach and chocolate every day for 5 years!!”

In an earlier post she also reported that she was dealing with a bit of a nightmare due to a bad ear infection:

And of course the classical vitamin A and copper toxicity symptom, hair loss:

This is a really interesting case, since she is fully aware of possible vitamin A poisoning from eating liver, yet has been eating liver more or less on a daily basis, displays all the symptoms of vitamin A and/or copper toxicity, yet doesn’t seem to be able to consider it as the cause of her problems.

See her all posts here:

93. Natalie Holder (Carnivore Rx)

Natalie reports about a bad experience on the carnivore diet. After six months of strict carnivore she

– lost 3 teeth

– lost half of her hair

– skin became dry, wrinkled, and leathery

– couldn’t sleep for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time

– was urinating constantly

– fingernails cracked

– gums were bleeding

– had extreme fatigue

– muscle weakness

– lost ability to walk 4 blocks (before used to hike 2-3 hours)

What did she eat?

“My strict carnivore diet consisted of – grassfed or pasture raised beef. Organ meats, bone broth, bone marrow, beef tallow, bacon, eggs, raw goat cheese, electrolytes and sea salt.”

Natalie answered my questions in the comments and provided some more information:

She says that most of her symptoms resolved with Vit C and calcium supplementation.

Which supports the idea that her symptoms were caused by vit A poisoning from the liver, since vitamin A damage can be mitigated by vit C.

She continues to eat small amounts of liver, 2 to 4 oz per week and seems to discount the possibility that it was the liver which caused the problems to begin with, since the amounts are so minor.

Although, she claims that most of her severe problems have been resolved with vit C supplementation, she is still in the recovery process, she says.

94. Gloria Ramos (Carnivore Rx)

Complains about a lot of hair loss.

Does she eat liver? Yes, from the comments:

“John Baldridge I do eat organs. Mostly liver. At least 1-2 times a month. Maybe my post wasn’t clear. I thought it was given to eat organs, but I didn’t mention specifically. Thank you for catching that, but I do in fact eat organs.”

In later posts she complains of going through the carnivore flu, although she has been on the carnivore diet for 6 months.

95. GB (CDFB)

Says that he experienced stomach distress and general body aches after eating chicken liver (but says he seems to be fine with beef liver).

In an earlier post he said that he hates the taste of liver, but forced himself to eat it anyway.

In later posts he repeatedly complains about headaches, autoimmune flares, recurring body aches, brain fog, more headaches, complains of catching a cold with stuffy nose, fatigue, histamine reactions. Multiple infections, one of which forced him to take strong antibiotics for 10 days due to strep and bronchitis. Then more repeated complains of feeling completely inflamed, with stuffy nose, body aches, fatigue, feels awful, more headaches that last for several days. Also seasonal allergies are back, sinusitis getting progressively worse, headaches again, body aches, and fatigue.

Read all his posts here:

96. Jane @soulbirdlife (X)

Says that carnivore and keto were a disaster for her. She ended up with Hashimotos, was “so ill”, her gums were really bad and she half expected to looser her teeth.

She says that she was eating a bit of liverwurst during her carnivore and keto phase.

She now eats more liverwurst but also fruits and feels dramatically better, but she still has a long way to go, she says.

97. Gaius, @RedCaesar2024 (X)

Has been nearly carnivore and has seen his A1C go up from 5.1 to 5.8, experienced intense fatigue in the afternoons, and developed hypothyroidism. His diet included desiccated liver pills.

98. Monique Attinger, Low Ox Coach, @LowOxCoach1 (X)

Reports that the only time she ever had a a gout attack was after she ate too much liver. Still continues to eat it, only in lesser amounts or at a lesser frequency.

99. Jana Bennett (WCT)

Lethargy, bloated, tender belly since going carnivore. Does she eat liver? Yes.

[REMOVED: Eric Morgan, @EricMorganCoach (X)

Developed intense anxiety including the following symptoms:

– intense brain rushes right on the verge of falling asleep

– random muscle twitching in every muscle group

– racing HRs shooting well over 100bpm

– feeling like there was electricity running all over my body, a buzzing sensation

– panic attacks

– pronounced essential tremor

– hearing changes and tinnitus

– dpdr [I assume he means depersonalization-derealization disorder]

This all was taking place during a time when he was eating organs.

Eric later clarified that although he was eating organs, they didn’t include liver, apart from maybe a total of 3 times during his childhood: ]


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