About Paola

by Oct 27, 2023

I am Paola, the founder of thepowerofozone.com and this website as well. 

I have been dealing with chronic illness for the past 30+ years.

I have gone through several diagnoses ranging from Lyme disease, mercury poisoning, candida, cranio-cervical instability, histamine and various other dietary intolerances, and now vitamin A and copper poisoning.

In my quest to restore my health I have tried many different interventions and diets, such as ozone therapy, PEMF, exposure therapy, Andrew Cutler chelation, vegan (for a grand total of two weeks), paleo, keto and different forms of the carnivore diet, low vit A diet, Karen Hurd’s The Bean Protocol, and also dozens of different supplements.

On November 18th, 2021 I came across information about vitamin A poisoning which changed my life. That day I decided to drastically reduce my vitamin A intake. Some of the effects on my health were immediate and dramatic. 

Since then, I have been researching the topic of vitamin A poisoning and tracking my own progress on a near-zero vitamin A diet. I decided to start this website to record my findings and to analyze the existing vitamin A science, a large part of which seems to be fraudulent.

Since then I have also discovered the topic of copper poisoning which appears to be a major problem in the industrialized world. 

Many symptoms of copper toxicity overlap with those of vitamin A poisoning.

I want to understand, how much of today’s health problems can be explained by chronic vitamin A and copper toxicity but also the resulting mineral and vitamin deficiencies. This includes potassium and magnesium deficiencies. 

My blog includes lots of detailed and seemingly exaggerated naval gazing and analysis of my ongoing n=1 investigation. 

You are welcome to follow me on this crazy journey.

– Paola Dziwetzki

October 27th, 2023